Why Amer-Plus?

Learn about the company that cleans like no other

Amer Plus Janitorial Maintenance LLC (Amer Plus JMI), is a family owned and operated professional cleaning company that strives to be an industry leader with services that set standards for professional cleaning. Amer Plus JMI has been a staple in the South Florida Community since 1998. Our goal then, as it remains today, is to offer high quality, efficient professional cleaning services at an affordable cost. We offer innovative and customized packages to suit the needs of your business.

Amer Plus JMI believes in being true professionals and as a result, we have a strong team that consist of highly trained professionals and experts who are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of service. With over 20 years in business, we have the resources, experience, employees, and monitoring in place to fulfill your facility cleaning requirements.

Our Philosophy

A philosophy we stand by


At Amer Plus Janitorial Maintenance LLC we believe that professional cleaning should not be a luxury enjoyed by the few, but by all. We are dedicated to providing complete satisfaction with our services while ensuring effective and reliable cleaning solutions. Our goal is to provide high quality, affordable and efficient professional janitorial services.

Our Location

Headquartered in Miami, FL

Headquartered in Miami, FL, Amer Plus JMI provides services to various commercial accounts including but not limited to: upscale hotels, restaurants, business parks, recreational parks, healthcare facilities, airports, industrial operations, government facilities, and corporate offices throughout the state of Florida. Amer Plus JMI now offers services in different states. Call now; we may be near you!

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    Reports have shown COVID-19 can survive from 2 hours to 9 days on surfaces. 3 days on plastic and stainless steel 24 hour on cardboard 4 hours on copper surface